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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned - Computer Repair Business

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Anyone can put together some documents and whatever else and sell it to your for your business.

The question you have to ask yourself is "who are these people" selling this product? Are they in business? Do they just sell products?

Every single document we provide along with the guidance in the book comes from running our business from day one. If we use a contract and it gets us work then you get the document also.

Remember there is no "trick" to this business, it's whoever is best prepared will succeed.

You want to "VERIFY" testimonials just drop me a line and I'll gladly provide the information you need.


"'re amazing!  I have a great deal of respect for those that do things to help others. Your hard-earned knowledge will definitely help"









Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned


Dan Hand has written down his experience in an entertaining and provocative way.  We have been in business running what turned into ComputerPlano since 1982; but always felt we were missing important details.  After reading Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned, we believe we have the tools to be more successful--and in fact our revenue has increased.  We use it as a desktop reference. One can read any book, even the Bible, and be unmoved.  However, after reading Dan's book, one will have the tools to understand the computer repair business.  It is worth the price many times over..."




"I was really impressed with the information provided in this book! The author is sharing information that I'm sure took him years to acquire and his only motivation appears to be a desire to help others succeed. My husband and I will be starting our own computer repair business in the next six months and this book has not only saved us hundreds of hours of research, but has given us a remarkable foundation for a successful future."



"Thanks for a great book and a good piece of inspiration when I needed it."



This book has given me insight into a business I have been in for a while. it is short, sweet, and to the point. I recommend this book to anyone who is not my competitor.


"Hey Dan, I wanted to say thanks. I used your maintenance contract, reworded for our company and it was a success. We got the contract for 2 yrs, and this is a major contract for us. We have small ones but this is big, so thanks"




"I liked the easy reading layout. The information is to-the-point and provides the reader with an insight that is especially valuable to whoever's running or wants to start a computer business.

The technical part of our business is something one has to acquire over years of corporate IT work or by joining forums and doing a lot of technical reading.

This book is about a computer services business hands-on owner explaining the way to help customers, stay profitable and avoid trouble.

By applying a couple of the ideas during the last 4 weeks I easily made 2 ten-folds."

Great job, Dan




"I read your book!!! Very good information and I will e-mail you sometime to find out a few details and get some specifics. I'm a small business owner also, and I found the book a good fast read, with lots of things in it to refer back to if I have questions. The online access also is a very good bonus to the book as well for contracts, proposals, letters, etc."




"Finally a book that tells you things that can actually help your business. Very interesting and eye opening and the documents are a great added benefit"



"I know that I said I wouldn’t get around to reading your book for a while, but after I got started I couldn’t stop and I have just finished.  I have been in the computer service business for several years, but I still had many questions about how to grow while maintaining my focus on impeccable customer service.  Your book is a great resource for someone who knows how to fix the machines but struggles with the marketing and contractual aspects that foster real profitability and growth.  Thank you for sharing the things that you have had success with.  I will be implementing many of the them in the near future."


"Having been in business for over 10 years I doubted there was anything that I had not really tried. Your book has opened my eyes and now I'm as excited as I was the day I started my business....Thank You"



"Great info in your book... good flow and great documents. I think I might have to use a few of them..."



"What I really enjoyed was the marketing chapter. This is one of the hardest things to understand in day to day business and the chapter helped me out thanks for that. What I really find of value in this deal is the doc's .The doc's that you are giving with the book are a++++. I find them of great value.

I commend you on this book for writing it so people will understand what this business takes to make it work."




"Finally a book that not only makes sense but comes from someone in the actual computer business" I commend you on the great book"




I've been using your book and documents RELIGIOUSLY!! It is a GREAT tool for us new guys! THANK YOU!


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