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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned - Computer Repair Business

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 This is going to shock most people who read about it. People have asked, "why if we are so successful, are we willing to tell our secrets?"  The answer is simple, there is NO Secret.

Revealed: There are no secrets in being successful in the Computer Repair Business!

You see, everything that you should be doing is out there it's just a matter of compiling or searching for all the answers. We have taken that aspect out of it by writing this book .

We don't  lose jobs to our competitors.

We don't sit and wait for customers to come to us.

We don't go a day without advertising.

And now, in an "all access" presentation, I'm going to tell you all of our  methods and how you too can succeed in the Computer Repair Business.

"Finally a book that tells you things that can actually help your business. Very interesting and eye opening and the documents are a great added benefit"









Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned


Here's just a "sample" of what "secrets" are let out in our Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned

  • How to have your web site come up in the search engines for free!
  • How to do a newsletter. Why do a newsletter? Example Newsletter!
  • Exact way to market a business maintenance plan to other businesses in your area!
  • How to make a decision of doing it yourself or joining a Franchise!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But, it gets even better...

While Everyone Else is Worried About How Their Business Can Succeed , You Can Breathe a Sigh of Relief...

Because we are more than happy to show you the way....

No More Trying to "Figure It Out Yourself"!
Here's The Answer to Every One of Your Questions...

I've taken the Lessons Learned from our Computer Repair Business and put together this book covering over 20 Lessons Learned that any Computer Repair Business can implement into their plan.

...and I've answered all of them for you.

Nothing has been held back.

Below is a sample of the Lessons Learned in the book:

Store-Front / Home Business

Like I said, nothing is held back here!

Marketing's important to any business. Whether you're a marketing/PR business such as review, or a brand new computer whiz ready to start repairs. It's important to build up good fundamentals


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