Here’s just a “sample” of what “secrets” are let out in our Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned

How to have your web site come up in the search engines for free!
How to do a newsletter. Why do a newsletter? Example Newsletter!
Exact way to market a business maintenance plan to other businesses in your area!
How to make a decision of doing it yourself or joining a Franchise!
And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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I’ve taken the Lessons Learned from our Computer Repair Business and put together this book covering over 20 Lessons Learned that any Computer Repair Business can implement into their plan.

…and I’ve answered all of them for you.

Nothing has been held back.

Below is a sample of the Lessons Learned in the book:

1. Marketing
2. Competition
3. Contracts
4. Franchise
5. Store-Front / Home Business

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Like I said, nothing is held back here!

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