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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned - Computer Repair Business

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Table Of Contents


Lesson 1
Why a business

Lesson 2

Getting established

Lesson 3

Plan day/week

Lesson 4

Documented notes Lesson 5

Follow through
Lesson 6

Follow up
Lesson 7

Sweat small things
Lesson 8

Customer service
Lesson 9

Do it with a passion
Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13


Lesson 14
Marketing (Excerpt)

Lesson 15

Web design

Lesson 16

Hiring techs

Lesson 17

Service contracts

Lesson 18

Lesson 19


Lesson 20


Lesson 21

Startup Checklist

Lesson 22

Franchise/No franchise

"Having been in business for over 10 years I doubted there was anything that I had not really tried. Your book has opened my eyes and now I'm as excited as I was the day I started my business....Thank You"




Get all your processes on the same page with cloud computing which will have your business running in the streamlined manner you want.








Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned


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AT LAST: A true book that reveals exactly how to be successful in the Computer Repair Business. This book is for those just starting out in the Computer Repair Business, and those that are already established, but want more out of their business.

Being Successful Is Not An Accident

"I was really impressed with the information provided in this book! The author is sharing information that I'm sure took him years to acquire and his only motivation appears to be a desire to help others succeed. My husband and I will be starting our own computer repair business in the next six months and this book has not only saved us hundreds of hours of research, but has given us a remarkable foundation for a successful future."


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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned  - Starting a computer repair business







Maintenance Contracts
Teaming Agreements
Web Contracts

And More..

Here is a complete list of documents that come with the book

Why The Book?

No one will divulge this information because they worry that it will kill their own success! We are not selling a book on how to start a computer business, we are selling a proven solution! Comes with downloads of "Actual Documents". With purchase you will receive access to the "Restricted Access" area of the site.

This book is a compilation of lessons on opening and running a Computer Repair business. There is no fool-proof plan for any business but if you have the drive and determination in anything you do, then you can be successful. The Computer Repair business is no different than any other service business and if you are provided with the right direction in your business decisions then your business will prosper.

On an important note, being informed on running your business will let you keep an up to date eye on technology that is fast approaching. Whether it's cloud computing and the rise of unified communications or SaaS, mobile computing, or future technologies, you'll be more prepared as a result of getting through this book.


Computer Repair Business - Starting a computer repair businessComputer Repair Business Lessons Learned comes with over 25+ documents for you to utilize in your business.

No need to spend countless hours developing your own documents to utilize for your business.

Just download what document you need such as a "maintenance agreement" or a "website contract" and edit it with your information.

Check out all the documents here....


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