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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned - Computer Repair Business

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Table Of Contents


Lesson 1
Why a business

Lesson 2

Getting established

Lesson 3

Plan day/week

Lesson 4

Documented notes Lesson 5

Follow through
Lesson 6

Follow up
Lesson 7

Sweat small things
Lesson 8

Customer service
Lesson 9

Do it with a passion
Lesson 10

Lesson 11

Lesson 12

Lesson 13


Lesson 14
Marketing (Excerpt)

Lesson 15

Web design

Lesson 16

Hiring techs

Lesson 17

Service contracts

Lesson 18

Lesson 19


Lesson 20


Lesson 21

Startup Checklist

Lesson 22

Franchise/No franchise

"Having been in business for over 10 years I doubted there was anything that I had not really tried. Your book has opened my eyes and now I'm as excited as I was the day I started my business....Thank You"




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Computer Repair Business Lessons Learned

Below is a listing of all documents covered in the book along with other documents that are
continually added to the site.


Backup Sales Letter Sales letter to get people interested in a Backup Program
Backup Sales Letter   (PDF) Sales letter to get people interested in a Backup Program
Backup Sales Letter   (PDF) Sales letter to get people interested in a Backup Program
Backup Sales Letter Backup Sales Letter
Backup Contract  (PDF) Contract for Backup Services
Business Plan Full Business Plan you just need to edit content to suit your needs
Capabilities Letter Simple Capabilities Letter to give to potential customers
Capabilities Letter 2 Capabilities Letter
Capabilities Letter 3 Capabilities Letter Different Format
Customer Claim Ticket Customer Claim Ticket
Customer Thank You Customer Thank You
Informal Letter To Businesses Letter For Businesses
Maintenance Contract Full Maintenance Contract Letter submitted to customer upon reviewing their setup.
Maintenance Contract Maintenance Contract
Maintenance Checklist Maintenance Checklist
Maintenance Contract Maintenance Contract 3 Pages
Maintenance Contract Maintenance Contract 12 Pages
Maintenance Sales Letter Maintenance Sales Letter
Maintenance Contract Web Maintenance for Website
Network Assessment (DOC) Network Assessment for Business
Network Assessment (PDF) Network Assessment for Business
Network Upgrade Network Upgrade
Employee Handbook Operating Procedures
Handout Simple Handout Flyer
Insurance Estimate Example Insurance Estimate
Invoice Simple Invoice
Laptop Repair Doc Doc signed prior to working on laptop
Payment Form Late Payment form for customers
Press Release Press Release Form
Website Proposal   (PDF) Full website proposal
Website Development Proposal Website Development Proposal
Search Engine Optimization SEO Proposal
Teaming Agreement Teaming Agreement
Terms of Service/Warranty Service/Warranty Statement
Website Sales Letter Simple Website Sales Letter
Work Order Document Simple Word Work Order Doc
Managed Services Sales Letter Word Doc for Managed Services
Network Site Visit Simple Word Doc for Business
Network Assessment Network Assessment Template
Network Template For documenting entire network layout for a business
Non-Disclosure Good for when you are teaming with some other company
Monitoring   (PDF) This is a document I use for selling 24/7 monitoring
ACRBO Document covers the NACRBO benefits
Managed Services Overview   (PDF) Covers what Managed Services is about
Bomgar Case Study   (PDF) Pertains to remote fixing of computers

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